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NH homeowners can find out if they are paying more than they should for property taxes.


I took a year off from my law practice to develop this program so everyone in NH can know what their fair taxes are and NOT OVERPAY. 

Attorney specializing in
Real Estate Law

Did you know you have the right to challenge your property taxes and request a refund?

30 years in Real Estate Law

Let's say your town is valuing all real estate at its full fair market value, which is what it is supposed to do, and it says your house is worth $200,000, but you know it's worth only $185,000. That means you are paying taxes on an extra $15,000 of value. At a 2.5% rate, that comes to $375. You're paying more than your fair share. And because most towns re-value real estate every five years, the excess tax comes to $1,875 over five years. So you’d be paying about $2,000 more than you should over a five year period.


You have a right to challenge your property taxes, and request a refund.


Cost-wise, it doesn’t make sense to hire a lawyer. So what can you do?

Now there is a FREE TOOL to help you decide whether you think you should request a tax refund

(or “abatement,” a somewhat intimidating term). 


The FIRST STEP IS FREE. Find out if you are overpaying. If so, STEP 2 takes you through the process of applying for a refund. Answer some questions, and the program fills out the application, assembles comparable sales, prints the cover with the correct address, and gets you on your way.

The fee for STEP 2 is $99. The payback could be $thousands.


If your refund application is not approved, we have a THIRD STEP appeal package which gives you the evidence and professional support you need to persist... and in property tax matters, we see over and over that persistence pays. More info on $149 appeal program

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