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We provide real estate tax consulting services to commercial property taxpayers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We specialize in all commercial property types, including industrial; retail; multi-family; and special use properties. Whether you need assistance with property tax abatements and appeals, property tax management, or property tax projections, we can take care of all your property tax needs.

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Allobar Strategies' real estate tax representatives and valuation professionals will handle your property tax abatement or appeal from start to finish. Our team will assess your property and determine the best course of action to fairly adjust your property tax burden before local boards and appeal venues, where applicable. We serve clients throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut on a contingency basis.


Let Allobar's experienced professionals take care of managing your property taxes so you don’t have to. We stay up-to-date on all the regulatory and legislative developments, and inform you of any statutory changes affecting your real estate holdings. Our team will monitor property tax assessments, bills, and notices; make sure appeals and abatements are filed in a timely manner with local tribunals; and perform regular property valuation estimates to make sure municipal real estate assessment values correspond with accurate fair market estimates.


Allobar's valuation professionals and economists provide property tax projection and forecasting services to help property taxpayers estimate future real estate tax rates and burden for future years. Our team generates information valuable to estimating the future potential of your biggest assets. So whether you are looking to estimate costs of assets you already own, or are evaluating future expenses for potential portfolio properties, Allobar Strategies can help forecast long-term real estate tax expenses.

We are here to provide our clients with personalized property tax strategies. Contact us to see which of our services best meet your needs.

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