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The Allobar Team is a dynamic group of real estate professionals with backgrounds in valuations, real estate transactions, investment, taxation, law, and other related fields. Hover on our pictures below to learn more about our credentials and experience.

Paul J. Alfano, Esq.

BA- Harvard University, 1981

JD- Boston University, 1985

Paul J. Alfano, Esq. has handled real estate property tax abatements and appellate trials since 1989, saving property owners over $5,000,000 in overpaid taxes.  As a lawyer, Paul has served as Legal Counsel to the New Hampshire State Senate and on various boards and committees with the Bar Association and civic organizations. Paul is New Hampshire’s lead member of the National Association of Property Tax Attorneys, and practices with Alfano Law Office in Concord.  As a business owner, Paul has founded and sold several real estate tax abatement companies serving property owners throughout the Northeast. Drawing on his myriad of experience, Paul co-founded Allobar Strategies in 2015.




Elizabeth J. Nolin, Esq.

BA- College of Charleston, 2010

JD- Charleston School of Law, 2012

Elizabeth J. Nolin, Esq. handles real estate property tax abatements and appellate trials for residential and commercial property owners in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. As a lawyer, Liz represents clients in real estate matters including land use, easements and highways, income taxation and mitigation, mergers and acquisitions, and related litigation. A member of the National Association of Property Tax Attorneys, Liz practices with the Alfano Law Office in Concord, New Hampshire. Liz co-founded Allobar Strategies in 2015.




Frank Army

BA - University of New Hampshire, 1994

Frank comes to Allobar as a tough real estate broker who negotiated hundreds of real estate contracts for a

variety of clients including some of the largest banks and mortgage services in the US.

As a property tax consultant, Frank has valued property

types ranging from multifamily to marinas; golf courses to grocery-anchored plazas. Frank brings with him that

hard-won “intuitive” feel to valuation that makes all the difference in aggressively defending your abatement.

Frank is a veteran of the US Army and various billets in the Army Reserve and State National Guards. He last

held rank in the National Guard as Captain and

served in Field Artillery. He has a BA in History from the University of New Hampshire.




John F. Hayes, Esq., LLM

BA- Plymouth State Universtiy, 1986

JD- University of New Hampshire, 1992

LLM, Laws of Taxation- Boston University, 1996

John F. Hayes has more than 20 years of experience in taxation and legal practice, and is a recognized

authority on New Hampshire state taxes. John served as General Counsel to the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration for 14 years prior to entering

private legal practice. John represents commercial property taxpayers at the local and appellate levels in

New Hampshire and Massachusetts as a senior tax consultant with Allobar Strategies. John also joined as Allobar's General Legal Counsel in 2017.




Our team of highly trained real estate professionals is exactly what you need to control your property taxes. Contact us for advice on which professional you should speak with for your needs.

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