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What is the life-cycle of a Tax Abatement?

Taxpayers across the U.S. have the right to file a tax abatement to attain a reduction on their real estate taxes. Every state has different deadlines to meet in order for the application to be valid. Listed below are three New England states and the deadlines for each respectively:

New Hampshire: March 1 for municipal application and September 1 for appeal application.

Massachusetts: February 1 for municipal application and within three months from decision from the assessor or August 1 if no action by the assessor for appeal application.

Also please note tax payers have the right to file for late entry appeal two months after the appeal was due.

tax abatement life cycle

Connecticut: February 20 for municipal application to the Board of Assessment Appeals. Taxpayers also can file an appeal application to the superior court within two months of the Board of Assessment Appeals decision.

These deadlines are imperative to follow as if a taxpayer is aggrieved by their tax assessment of their property; missing a deadline can be detrimental to the appeal process. If a taxpayer does not receive any sort of tax relief from the initial application, then the final appeal process can take in upwards of a year to settle depending on what state it is filed in.

Allobar Strategies, a property tax consulting firm has ability to assist tax payers with how to file a tax abatement and be the tax representative for the initial and appeal application. Allobar puts emphasis on client service excellence and achieving the best results possible for the circumstances of the case.

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