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Why Hire A Tax Representative?

When a taxpayer receives their real estate tax bill, many feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount to be paid. Many states have various reasons for high property taxes and unfortunately the taxpayer has to deal with the consequences. If a taxpayer sees that their tax assessment has increased since their last tax bill, and think it is incorrect, they can file a tax abatement application. Now, any taxpayer can file an application to reduce their real estate taxes; the question is will they file it correctly and actually obtain a reduction? A taxpayer can utilize the services of a tax representative who can help facilitate a successful tax abatement application. The below three points are important for taxpayers to consider when it comes to filing a tax abatement application:

1. Most tax representatives are only paid if the taxpayer receives a reduction on their property tax assessment.

2. Many tax representatives have multiple years of experience in completing applications and understand the tax abatement process from the municipal level to the appeal level in the states where they do business.

real estate tax representative

3. Tax representatives also understand the negotiation process with assessors and what it takes to be successful at the municipal level and what needs to be done to be successful if a hearing is necessary at the appeal level.

The professionals at Allobar Strategies have multiple years of experience in negotiating property tax abatements for taxpayers. Allobar specializes in various types of commercial and residential real estate, and utilizes a network of professionals to ensure taxpayers obtain the best reduction. The tax representatives at Allobar Strategies understand that a filing tax abatement can a long and stressful process for taxpayers to endure, and that is another reason to let a professional handle the proceedings.

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