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Why don’t people file for a refund for their residential property tax? The experienced professionals have seen the barriers that prevent people from receiving refunds and reducing their property tax bills and decided to do something about it. In order to tear down the barriers to residential property tax refunds, they first had to identify them.

Barrier 1 – Do I deserve a refund? The first barrier to seeking a refund is not knowing whether or not a homeowner deserves a refund. This may be the greatest barrier, because the property tax is shrouded in terms that are unfamiliar to people like equalization ratios, levels of assessment, and proportionality. People may have an idea of the value of their own house, but they usually do not know whether their assessment is more than everyone else’s. The professionals at decided to utilize technology to create an easy-to-use user interface which imports data from a property tax card and automatically performs a valuation of the taxpayer’s property in order to give the homeowner the information needed to decide whether they are paying too much in property taxes. This free valuation tool will tell the homeowner if they would receive a refund and how much the refund could be. From this free valuation tool any homeowner in New Hampshire could determine whether they deserve a refund.

Barrier 1 eliminated.

Barrier 2 – How do I file an appeal? Many homeowners have never filed for a refund of their property taxes with their municipality. They file every year for an income tax refund using either a program like TurboTax they purchase or by having an accountant take care of it, but they may never apply for a refund of their property taxes. Because many people have never done it, they don’t know how to, the forms that are needed, or what information is needed for the form. Nor are there programs available to purchase to assist a homeowner to apply for a refund of property taxes. offers a program for $99.00 to apply for a refund at the municipal level. What is more is that the information used to develop the valuation using the free valuation tool is then also used to support the application for refund. Once purchased,’s municipal application package generates a completed application and a cover letter to send to your municipality. Because the professionals at have used their decades of experience filing municipal property tax appeals to develop a technological solution to filing residential property tax appeals, homeowners do not need to be familiar with the archaic property tax appeal system in order to obtain a refund.

Barrier 2 eliminated.

In my next blog, I will discuss the final barriers that the real estate tax professionals at eliminated that empower homeowners to receive the property tax refunds they deserve.

By: John F. Hayes, LLM, General Counsel/Senior Tax Representative to Allobar Strategies and former general counsel to the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration

To use the free valuation tool and to purchase the available appeal packages for property tax refunds in New Hampshire, please visit

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