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When Mickey Mouse Roars, It’s About Paying Too Much in Property Taxes.

Disney has been challenging its property taxes in court consistently since 2015. Most recently Disney filed 11 lawsuits in Orange Circuit Court contesting various properties. The Orange County Property Appraiser assessed the Magic Kingdom at $468 million, Epcot at $468 million, Animal Kingdom at $511 million, Hollywood Studios at $350 million. Disney is asking for “proper” fair market and assessed values. A Disney spokesperson stated that “The increases in the assessments of our property are unreasonable and unjustified.” The official statement went further to state, “Similar to other property owners in Orange County, we have no choice to take action to dispute these errors by the property appraiser.”

Disney is thought of as one of the best run companies in the U.S. Working with experts in the field, Disney has found a tax strategy that works for it to solve the property tax issues it is currently facing. Over its history, Disney may have chosen a different approach than continually litigating the property tax issues in court. For example, each time that a new park was being developed, it may have taken a more cooperative approach with the County Assessor. Different property tax problems call for different approaches.

At Allobar Strategies, we tailor our approach to the property tax problems you are currently facing. Different clients with different situations require tax strategies that are designed to meet their goals. We will work with you to plan and implement the approach that you want not the one that we think you need. We will provide customized reporting so you are aware of how the plan is being implemented and whether it produces the results that you expect. We have the localized knowledge and relationships with assessors to achieve your goals.

Allobar Strategies provides professional assistance in evaluating the fairness of property tax assessments. If you would like assistance with an evaluation of your property tax, please visit Allobar Strategies or call (603) 333-2211.

The above information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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