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New Hampshire Property Tax Exemptions: A Brief Intro

property tax exemption

There are many ways to reduce property taxes. While we at Allobar focus primarily on property tax abatements (or refunds of overpaid property taxes), there are other methods of reducing property tax burdens for qualifying properties like property tax exemptions, credits, and benefits. Here's a brief intro to property tax exemptions in the state of New Hampshire.

Property Tax Exemption: Defined

In New Hampshire, all real estate is taxed unless otherwise specifically exempt by statute. Exempt, as used in the context of real estate taxation in New Hampshire, means “not taxed.”

Examples of Tax-Exempt Real Estate

All New Hampshire real estate tax exemptions are statutory, primarily in New Hampshire Statute Chapter 72. New Hampshire property tax exemptions generally fall into three major categories: (1) Public benefit exemptions (including exemptions determined by the New Hampshire legislature to have public benefits, such as wind, solar, and wood heating); (2) Entity exemptions (such as those for charitable, non-profit, and religious organizations); and (3) Personal exemptions (including elderly, disabled, and veteran exemptions).

Applications for Property Tax Exemptions

Generally, to qualify for a property tax exemption, an applicant must file a signed application on the official form provided by the commissioner of revenue administration with the selectmen or assessors of their city or town by April 15 preceding the setting of the tax rate.

The burden of proof in obtaining a property tax exemption is on the applicant. The applicant bears the burden of demonstrating the applicability of any exemption, and that they were qualified for the exemption or credit as of April 1 of the year for which the exemption/credit is first claimed.

In general, exemptions for qualifying properties can relieve property owners of real estate taxation. However, it's important to note that obtaining exemptions are not automatic; exemptions require both application and eligibility.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational use only, and not intended to be legal advice in any way. For legal advice regarding property tax exemptions in New Hampshire, or any other state, please retain the services of a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction.

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